Our vision converges around certain key aspects that have made many altcoins successful and more importantly profitable to investors:
A scalable user-friendly platform that can easily be adopted in mass. We are constantly updating our roadmap since we are always looking for the best way to adapt to changing conditions. Here’s what we have planned for the future:

-    Initial release of the coin into the market, this will include a secure multiplatform compatible wallet that will allow you to trade the coin on multiple exchanges

-    Bounty reward system: we are actively working on a bounty reward system for those who help us reach more people and help our blockchain 

-    Release wallet and blockchain explorer for Windows, Linux and macOS 

-    Working on creating our subreddit at the moment we will let you know once it is up and running 

-    Integration of smart contracts, this is a priority for us since if-then conditions have become one of the most sought after features after anonymity and active scaling 

-    Integration of cross chain swapping, this is an experimental feature on many altcoins. This feature will allow trading on multiple block chains without going through an intermediary such as shapeshift. We think that it is invaluable and are working around the clock for its implementation 

-    Finally, a decentralized payments system that will be involving physical merchants, online point-of-sale and user-to-user transfers.